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Malice? Bias? I would suggest indifference. Interesting piece my friend.

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Enjoyed this. Nicely written. Sounds like you've been on a similar journey to me in terms of learning this year. Enjoyed being pushed to think about the socio-spatial nature of life. Thx.

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Good, and oddly timed, news. Synchronicity, I guess.

I just learned the Bartlett School of the Built Environment at University College London is starting a lab to look at exactly the issues I highlighted in this piece.

"Through the Race and Spatial Justice Recruitment Focus, we will hire scholars whose work focuses on any areas related to race, spatial justice and the built environment. This may lie within critical race studies, Black feminisms, post colonialism, Indigenous studies, coloniality, decoloniality, or other disciplinary traditions."

"We've identified a scholarly gap that is affecting our ability to fully understand and undo the effects of race and racism in the built environment. The Race and Spatial Justice Recruitment Focus is part of a drive to plug this gap and reorientate us to creating racially just spaces."

- Dr Kamna Patel, Vice-Dean (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion)


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