The Universal Uniformity of Urban MobilityListen now (15 min) | Be it a 10, 15, or 30-minute city, central to the theory, is eerily similar math

February 2023

The Psychology of Neighborhood DefendersListen now (20 min) | How spatial rearrangement can lead to feelings of estrangement
Free will can free us and the mind, but attachment can also put us in a bind.
Will Work for Food. A Quirk or Accrued?Listen now (19 min) | How our brains work pretty much like a rodent, until they don't

January 2023

Do you walk or drive for groceries?Hello Interactors, I’m hoping for a discussion on how you all get your groceries. How we, as people, interact with place is largely determined b…
Hierarchy of Needs or Just More Greed?Listen now (24 min) | More and more people flock to cities, but do they get what they need?
And does population density play a roll? I want your input.
This is Your Brain on EnglishListen now (16 min) | How linguistic domination may lead to a cognitive stagnation

December 2022

Interplace 2022Watch now (2 min) | A summary and two-minute video of the top four posts of 2022 by season
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, Your Story Has Many BranchesListen now (21 min) | A glimpse into the events surrounding the birth of America's Christmas tree tradition
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, The Complexity of Uncertainty Listen now (20 min) | Our current economic model is like a fake tree, it's void of the complexities of reality
The Frenetic, Kinetic Cybernetics of Economics Listen now (21 min) | How renowned physicists, economists, and mathematicians point a path toward solving hard problems in the soft sciences