Lay Dung; Feng Shui Listen now (26 min) | Our relationship with nature can take unexpected turns; moved by invisible forces
Ditches, Wells, and Dams. Riches, Cartels, and Scams.Listen now (29 min) | America's 'Got Milk' and the world wants it; while wells and farmers run dry
Calamity in KlamathListen now (31 min) | Mukluks suffer over water for suckers
Charlie Watts and the Strange AttractorListen now (31 min) | Finding order amidst the chaos; butterflies, bands, and beyond.
Solar Powered Imperialist AddictionsListen now (31 min) | What Afghanistan can teach us about immoral predation when intervening in climate adaptation
An Ancestor's GardenListen now (22 min) | How nature reminds us of the value of reciprocity; if only we'll listen
An Olympic Sized MetabolismListen now (20 min) | How human metabolism and social metabolism combine, continue to climb, and have left us in a bind
Nature, Nurture, Math, Art and VirtueListen now (20 min) | Blending arts and sciences and environmental coevolution
Muggy Conditions, Buggy Coalitions, and Collegiate AmbitionsListen now (23 min) | Heat, humidity, and mosquitoes and what climatologists predict for the future of the Northeast Region of the United States
Big Science Meets Big Ecology under the Big SkyListen now (21 min) | How one man launched a quantitative approach to systems ecology in just a few short years
Ruckelshaus and Hickel Get us Out of a PickleListen now (25 min) | How two Republican politicians and an Iowa cartoonist set a high bar for environmental protection, conservation, and restoration
A New Chapter to Behold as the Network of Life UnfoldsListen now (23 min) | Turning what I’ve learned and gained into a nutrient life sustained